Learning operating system development using Linux kernel and Raspberry Pi

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Contributing to the Raspberry PI OS

The general workflow is the following:

  1. Find an issue you want to start working on or create a new one.
  2. In comments claim that you want to take over the issue. The first person who does this will be assigned to the issue.
  3. Fork the repository.
  4. Make all necessary changes.
  5. Send a pull request.
  6. After a review, your changes will be merged.

The following types of contributions are particularly useful for the project.

  1. Validating the source code and text of the lessons, fixing bugs and errors.
  2. Help in making lessons content more accurate and easier to understand.
  3. Working on the source code and content for new lessons.
  4. Sharing source code of completed exercises.
  5. Suggesting new exercises.
  6. Providing feedback, requesting new features and content.
  7. Anything else that can help the project.

Contributing completed exercises

If you successfully completed any of the exercises you can share your source code. The code should be placed in the following folder /exercises/lessonXX/<exercise number>/<your github username>/ Such folder structure allows to accept pull requests for the same exercise from different people.

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